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Yard Sign Fundraisers

Active Fundraisers

Lawn Greetings make great fundraisers. Raise money and encourage awareness for your cause within community involvement.

For every yard sign booked your organization receives xx% of the agreed upon booking fee.

How does it work:

  • Members and community order a sign to be placed in a friend/family member's yard.

  • The sign "appears" a surprise and stays for the day. A door flyer and yard sign explain the details of how the fundraiser works and how much goes toward the fundraiser. 

  • The recipient can do nothing and the sign is removed at the end of the day, or

  • The recipient can go to the website and "send" the sign to another yard for the booking fee.

This type of fundraising requires the LEAST amount of work on your part.

What is included for your custom fundraiser:

  • Design of a custom display

  • A fundraising page will be designed for your organization

  • Digital flyers and social media posts will be provided, if needed

  • Booking and booking fees will be handled through Butterfly Blue Design's booking page

  • Set up and removal of displays will be handled through Butterfly Blue Design employees

  • Weekly report will be provided with all bookings and fees.

Please contact Rhonda to discuss fundraising ideas.

Groups are perfect for hosting a lawn greeting fundraiser!

  • Pet Shelters

  • Churches

  • Youth Groups

  • 4-H

  • Nonprofits

  • Sports Teams

  • Competitive Dance/Drill Teams

  • Preschool/Daycares

  • Schools

  • Marching Bands

  • Booster Clubs

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