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Happy Birthday or Happy Bday!
Happy 10th Birthday Kaden!
Look Who’s 5!
Cheers to Many More Years!
HONK!  Carson is 11!


(Add name &/or birth weight)
It’s a Boy!
It’s a Girl!
Welcome Home Reid!
Baby Jones is Here!
Welcome Baby Smith!
Congratulations Arnold Family!
The Shower is Here!
The Stork Came!


Welcome Home Dad!
We Missed You!
Have Fun at Camp!
Welcome Home Owen!
#1 Dad!
Happy Mother’s Day!
Way to Go Ryan!
Good Luck Bren!
We *heart* You Mom!
We Love You Nonna!
Best Bobba in the World!
World’s Greatest Mom!
Yay Sammi!


Rosendale Ravens Are #1!
Birchwood ROCKS!
Welcome Back Van Antwerp!
Go Nisky!
BH-BL is #1!
We Love Our Kids!
We *heart* Our Teachers!
Our Principal Rocks!
Rosendale Staff is #1!
Welcome Back Students!
Register Now!
Enjoy Your Break!
Winter Carnival!
Trivia Night!
Auction Tonight!
Good Luck Students!
Happy Summer!
Countdown to Summer!
Congrats Grads


Tartan Football is #1!
Congrats Spartan Basketball!
Good Luck at Regionals!
Thank You Coach Clark!
Way to Go Chargers!
Congratulations Charger Pride!
State Champs!
(Add names and Player Numbers!)
Good Luck at Sectionals!
We Bleed Blue!
Hit it Out of the Park!
Charger Tennis!

Congrats Barbara!
Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension!
Welcome to Retirement!
Life Begins at Retirement!
We’ll Miss You Melissa!
Thanks for 30 Great Years!
Happy Retirement Jim!
Life Begins at Retirement!
Goodbye Vocation, Hello Vacation!

How Fun, Lydia is ONE!
Look Who’s Two!
Brady is Young, Wild & Three!
Hadley is Four & Fabulous!
Marcey is Five and Fabulous!
Pierce is 8 & Great!
8 is Great!
Nifty Number Nine!
Hooray For Double Digits!
Welcome to Double Digits Ben! 1-0
Say It Isn’t So! Adam is the Big 1-0!
Happy Sweet Sixteen (16) Joslyn!
Look Who’s 18!
Cheers to 21 Cam!
Almost Out of Her Prime, Brooke is 29 (39, 49, etc.)!
Kiss Your 20’s Goodbye!
Cheers to 30 Years!
Fun, Flirty & Thirty!
35 Never Looked So Good!
Ammi is Looking Great at 38!
Lordy, Lordy, Looks Who’s 40!
Oh Lordy, Jaron is 40!
Cheers to 40 Years!
Oh No! Christy is the Big 4-0!
May the 40th Be With You!
Brynn is 40 (50) and Fabulous!
Eli is Over the Hill!
Kara is 40 (50) and Fierce!
40 (50) Years of Fabulous!
60 Cheers for 60 Years!
Kathy is Sensational at 70!


I *heart* You!

I Love You!
Congratulations Newlyweds!
Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Newhard!
Congratulations Chris & Jaron!
Kara & Tony Said I DO!
Best Wishes Ammi & Nate!
Welcome Home Newlyweds!
She Said Yes!
Will You Marry Me?
Happy Anniversary!
Cheers to 10 Years!
Happy 50th Anniversary Tegan & Joe!
Cheers to Many More Years!
Be Mine?
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Will You Be My Prom Date?
Be My Prom Date?
Will You Go To Prom With Me?

Congrats Grad!
Class of 2021!
Congratulations Taylor!
Watch Out <SCHOOL>, Here Comes Aubrey!
Congrats <TEAM/MASCOT>!
<SCHOOL> Bound!

Good Luck at <SCHOOL>!

Open House!
Welcome Home!
Congrats on Your New Home!

Special Event!
Now Open!
Happy Hour!
Grand Opening!
Now Leasing!
Register Now!

Register Now!
Fall Classes Open!
Fair August 1-5!
Festival September 1st!
Wine Tasting!
The Party is Here!

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